Saturday, October 21, 2006

Caledonia: "... no one’s hiding it. It’s racist."

Excerpt from this interview with Barbara McDougall, leader of the Federal negotiating team:

Evan: But boy, when you see the mayor’s comments, just being up there, I’ve been there and you’ve been there, you hear racial, the cars drive by and it’s just the white cars, the white people drive by and they throw terribly racist comments at the First Nations at the Six Nations folks and it is just nakedly obvious, no one’s hiding it. It’s racist.

Barbara McDougall: It’s chilling isn’t it but you know a lot of those people are not from Caledonia. There have been people, some of the loudest voices are from other areas so it’s become a place on occasion, where people come and vent there ignorance. It’s appalling. I think the Natives have been very disciplined actually, I really do. I think their leadership has been very good.

Evan: Incredibly so. I’ve seen it. One last question: what makes the Caledonia/Six Nations situation so unique to watch. Why is this something of a watershed?

Barbara McDougall: Well it’s a watershed for a number of reasons. First of all, the agreement with the crown, the fact that these are peoples that did support the British in the American Revolution. These are people who saved General Brock, if you will, won the war in 1812/1814. These are people who have a legitimate claim on our respect and our trust because they’ve been on our side in some very difficult situations so that makes it unique.

Evan: Those were defining moments because at issue was Canadian sovereignty.

Barbara McDougall: Those were issues of Canadian sovereignty and also defined the relationship between Canada and the US if you go back to the revolution so they were historically very important allies for us. The other important thing is that they have kept their traditional form of government and they have never agreed to give it up where some other Aboriginal groups have so that makes their culture different and different to deal with for the federal government. The federal government on its part under this Minister wants to break down some of the traditional barriers between Native peoples and the so-called rest of Canada, he wants to come up with some creative solutions and that gives us at the table a way of talking that we haven’t seen before.

Evan: Any examples of what one of these creative solutions might be that are different from what we’ve seen before?

Barbara McDougall: Well what we are seeing now is that the traditional government is working with the elected band council. Those are two groups that have not always been the best of friends and have had conflicted jurisdictions so they are coming together - the governance structure which the federal government can’t influence - they have to do that, the governance structure is being examined by the Six Nations and that’s good for them, that’s helpful for them and the other thing is that we are looking at things like the archaeological site, the Plankton road area which is part of the disputed area and we are moving along towards what could be a solution. I don’t know what the next round of discussions will bring but we’ve made more progress than I ever would have thought we would have in six months and I can tell you that as long as the Minister wants me there I’ll be there.

Evan: What could derail it? Obviously, people are looking at September 26th as a possible derailment date. The conclusion of what we’ll do about Judge Marshall’s decision and what will happen, some say there is a tinderbox waiting to explode there - what do you think?

Barbara McDougall: I hope there isn’t a tinderbox waiting to explode there and we’ve got to continue to make sure that the good will and the trust exists on the part of the Six Nations for the process. This is an historic opportunity for them. Their leadership certainly understands and I hope that the people of Six Nations do and I wish with all my heart that the people of Caledonia understand that this is in their interest.

I hope so too, Ms. McDougall, but I am not hopeful when I see opinions like these:

"this whole affair is shameful."

’Neighbour’ says ...

Wow!....we've put up with 8 months of protestors, occupiers and terrorists, vandalism, threats, violence, kidnapping, car-jacking, road barricades, threats, harrassment and beatings of the elderly.......... and just once a so-called "white person" stands up , says enough!, plans a counter-protest and all of a sudden he is deemed a racist, anti-native, neo-nazi.......huh?........what a crock!.....and more disturbing is all the talking heads in local, provincial and federal governments as well as the media run and hide like cowards (and that includes a few CHML people)........the only media that actually stood up is CH tv and the only politician who has spoken his mind has been Tim Hudak.....

this whole affair is shameful.

Neighbour and I agree about that … but not about why.

It is shameful that supporters of Six Nations are accosted, harassed, threatened and physically assaulted in the street, in front of police who pretend it is nothing.

So Caledonia is like a little hyperactive reunion … the media getting excited by people who are excited … impatient and anxious … and inclined to blame their feelings and bad behaviour on those of another race … in glaringly ugly terms … so the media can report on them … so the politicians feel the heat … but it’s all Six Nations fault somehow ??

It is shameful that bully rule prevails in Caledonia. The media seem to incite them in order to report on them as well. Bully and racist responses look like Caledonia’s only response to the land reclamation. That’s too bad.

The majority of people in Caledonia don’t seem to have a public voice.

Lies and McTales

McHale said he's had to sweep aside his own life to take up the cause.

He puts race at the centre of the Caledonia dispute, then scoffs at any insinuation he is racist.

On his website and in interviews, McHale often refers to a "two-tier justice system," to the violation of the Charter of Rights, and to accusations the OPP are not enforcing the law.

He said a fence put up next to the Catholic school near the former subdivision is "segregation."

"People have to recognize that the natives are so violent that we have to build walls, put up cameras and station OPP officers (at the school) and yet we still don't have them being arrested."

That's BS! They didn't do anything warranted building the fence.
Hysterical parents did that.

Who has not been arrested? 60+ charges !

And what peaceful rally and march, Gary?
In order to break through the police lines, those three men would have had to assault six officers. Add a couple of drunken flag stealers, an assault on a Six Nations supporter on a back street ...

Isn't that about the most incidents in a day yet.! ... certainly for four months !

I am not sure this is progress. Certainly isn't peaceful!

Six Nations Reclamation Info site down temporarily

This important and educational site is down for upgrades temporarily. Those used to using the discussion board there may be found here ...


nycrimewatcher blog

This fabulous site starts with an amazing man singing an amazing song. Michael Laughing, Mohawk, iron worker, 9/11 first responder, a voice of the barricades,
a voice to give you awesome goosebumps !

There was a pseudo-site called nycrimewatch ... tried to find it today and found this one instead! Wonderful!

Then, unfortunately I did find the nycrimewatch too. So sad. Poster there has deteriorated into incomprehensible ramblings. Makes absolutely no sense at all. Don't know who writes that stuff, NO acknowledgement of sources AT ALL (?)

The delusional 'Skywoman' has claimed it

"They can't and will not answer because they have no answer as to why they won't surrender."

Surrender? Where did that come from? bizarre. She's also Kim at 49th.

Some of her posts are copies of media reports without acknowledgement!

From Gary McHale's experience, it appears you can't do that for money, but it doesn't appear Kim is collecting money ... but NO acknowledgement of original sources ... is plagiarism, isn't it?

BUT ... if they are copies, not links ... WHO KNOW IF THEY HAVE BEEN ALTERED?

Gary McHale posted an altered media report once. He blamed Steve Janke (AitGWN) for writing the alteration ... which defamed an individual ... . Steve did not respond, but he and gawy both quickly removed the offensive material ... and the evidence tape which could have supported it ... but apparently didn't. Their sites both went down at that time.

Kim uses the same tactics.

It doesn't appear that her site gets much traffic, though. I struggled all the way through that mess ... trying to find a nugget of sanity ... but I am sure others won't bother reading to the end!

Listen to 'Laughing' instead ...

caledoniawakeupcall revisited

Gary McHale struggled to find ways to make money out of his anti-everybody rallymarch in Caledonia, but his supporters aren't exactly flush with the bucks ... and some are a bit short of a load. Gary is talking of various lawsuits, has a connection with a blogger named 'kim skywoman' or something (it's unclear), who calls her blog nycrimewatch, (...or is it watcher? that's unclear too) for said purpose. Remains to be seen. Has the call for funding for the lawsuits gone out yet Gary? Hows the fund coming along?

He is attempting to wreak revenge on those of us (admitted ... I did it too) who made fun of him.

In our opinion, he is a buffoon ... a caricature of himself ... he begs for it ... enjoys it ... thrives on it ...

We oblige.

McHale, get over yourself.
Do something constructive.

In my opinion you have been trying to raise money for yourself by promoting hatred. If it is illegal to promote hatred in this country, it must be doubly so to do so in order to make money.

What you have interpreted as "threats" are jokes, Gary. Perhaps sick jokes from your perspective, but they were funny to us! You don't think anyone is seriously going to put themsleves in jeopardy to do harm to you? Why would we when you do enough harm to yourself all by yourself? Oh pulease!

pppssssssttt ... Gary ... I heard lots of people listened to the 'speeches' and then ran home ... to the toilet! You never did get that together did you? Three hours of speeches and 'marching around in circles', and NO TOILETS!

I also heard that after the speeches and marchers were gone, other people went to the reclamation site to pay their respects. Many people from the churches in Caledonia did so as well. The road was never closed: Potluckers had free entrance and exit throughout.

The only reason you couldn't go there is because you made yourself unwelcome, and now you are suing everybody because you haven't made any money by acting like an uncivil boor. Who promised you a living doing that Gary?


The Two Row Wampum and modern policy making

The Two Row Wampum Belt says:
"This symbolizes the agreement under which the Iroquois/Haudenosaunee
welcomed the white peoples to their lands.
'We will NOT be like father and son, but like brothers.
These TWO ROWS will symbolize vessels,
travelling down the same river together.
One will be for the Original People, their laws, their customs,
and the other for the European people and their laws and customs.
We will each travel the river together,
but each in our own boat.
And neither of us will try to steer the other's vessel.'"
The agreement has been kept by the Iroquois/Haudenosaunee to this date.

A CANADIAN OPINION: Janie Jamieson is right. Canada should "just back off".
Thomas Flanagan … modern day Canadian architect of genocide 
has the ear of the prime minister, Stephen Harper,
regarding Aboriginal affairs.
Allan Cairns responds to Flanagan's policy ideas.

I do not respond to Flanagan, because he preaches genocide by forced assimilation.
I respond to Cairns, because I think he does too, but he refuses to be clear about it!
With a few keystrokes, apparently oblivious to they existing treaty
and replete with Canadian arrogance, he dismisses the parallel relationship
of our communities ... dismisses the Two Row Wampum without apparent awareness of it.

Parallelism is indifferent to and incapable of answering

the question “what will hold us together?” Assimilation,

which assumes, among other things, the monopolization of

our civic identities by a common, uniform citizenship, is

unresponsive to the clear and strong Aboriginal desire for a

positive institutional and symbolic response to what Patrick

Macklem recently called “indigenous difference.” I believe

that First Nations? Second Thoughts (Flanagan) is insensitive to the need

for some positive policy response to that indigenous difference.

If I correctly read where we are, the choice of ignoring

or overriding the Aboriginal desire for recognition is not

available to us. (emphases added)

No … and neither is this ...

If, by constant monitoring, we were made aware

of what works and what does not, we could facilitate

the diffusion of successful practices among both

Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal governments...

Cairns idea of a solution?

Blah blah blah … you are going to constantly monitor them … mhm … in whose dreams?

Reminds me … Cairns accused Flanagan …

From my view, your greater radicalism ... is purchased at the

very high price of losing contact with the reality it seeks to


Cairns has also has lost contact with reality. Sovereign is sovereign. On their own land, after restitution, they will take care of their own affairs. If what you are offering, Cairns, is a choice of Canadian citizenship, fine. Are you suggesting that Indigenous people should be forced to be Canadians ( ‘or else’ ... what? … leave?) LOL

Wasn’t that what the 1969 white paper you dissed was about?

Isn’t that about … GENOCIDE ?

Flanagan, of course, and also Cairns, make the ultimate error of underestimating Indigenous power, thinking there will still be white guys in Ottawa holding the reins, determining the policies, white guys like them writing influential policy papers …

For it is Canadian policy that they discuss. They fail to comprehend that

Canada has no say in Indigenous affairs beyond restitution.

It simply isn’t Canada’s business. Disrespect of sovereignty negates any further consideration of their words.

Janie Jamieson is right : Canada should just back off”

Friday, October 20th

Bring RCMP into Caledonia, OPPA poll says
Ontarians also want Ottawa to take over negotiations in native land
"Most Ontarians want the federal government to take over negotiations in
the native land dispute at Caledonia, and the RCMP to provide policing
of the eight-month-old protest, according to a poll commissioned by the
union that represents increasingly frustrated Ontario Provincial Police
The OPPA and the polling company should be ashamed of themselves.
Assuming that their sample was valid, their questions were remarkably skewed:
Random Ontario residents were told something like this:
The federal government is usually responsible for negotiations ...  
 And then tested on it:
Do you think the federal government should take responsibility for the negotiations ... 

And then the same format was repeated about the RCMP.

Blah blah blah poll means nothing, but is part of some political design, I guess.

But wait a minute … the government cannot direct the OPP ...

but the OPPA can tell the government how it should run the negotiations ?

However, I am optimistic that what the province really wants is federal money.

Perhaps the OPP would like some relief. I hope before they leave they clean up a few nagging problem-makers. Otherwise the RCMP will come in and find out that the OPP was letting a few skunks run loose who were causing the friction and tension felt by the whole town, because they were never charged. One of them is now up to assaulting a woman in the presence of an officer, and expecting he will get away with it. Another has had his passport seized and his visa revoked and has 7 days to leave the country.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Caledonia moments

Steve Reilly, brother of AnnMarie VanSickle, was arrested and his visa was revoked and he was told to leave the country within 7 days.

Ms. VanSickle is a key player in the discontent among some residents living close to the Six Nations reclamation site.

Their father has also been interviewed for tv, as they have invited the premier to spend a night in their house.

Steve Reilly accosted a friend and I walking down their street in Caledonia, an area notorious for gatherings to harass Six Nations people. My friend was carrying a small Haudenosaunee Confederacy flag as we had been at the Potluck for Peace. Ms VanSickle remained in the car, but Reilly blocked our way and took video as he shouted insults and accusations at us. I checked their license plate, and got yelled at by both of them. We left.

A block and a half further, we were again accosted by a group of about 8 people (couples in their 30's-40's and 1 older larger man) . Reilly arrived to video. 4 officers arrived. Large dude hit my friend, cop pretended it wasn't a big deal. It was. Then went to his garage, got a big stick of hardwood and tapped it on the driveway, threatening us ... me ... because I was yelling to the cops about what he was doing.

Meanwhile googleye buddy is up my nose yelling ...

"YER AN INDIAN LOVER" eh HEY! ... What do you say to that?!! YER AN INDIAN LOVER"
("Is that supposed to be a problem?" is what I said, and they all sounded disgusted and then shut up.)

We will go for a walk down there again. I told the Inspector, I will let him know when.
But we will be walking down there again.

Glad they are deporting Reilly. He has no concept of civility, nor of Canadian law and history and responsibility. He called ahead to them. He was the instigator ... not to underestimate his sister, though. It is amazing to me how a very few ill-intentioned, overly anxious or paranoid people can cause ongoing strife for the people of an entire town.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006


REVIEW: Information is not reliable on this site.
Caledoniawakeupcall ... cwuc ... website contains copies of news reports that have been doctored to defame individuals, and to denigrate the Haudenosaunee Six Nations land reclamation at Caledonia.

cwuc does not provide links to some original articles, but instead only a copy, and a copy can be changed. They have been challenged for doing this once, and Gary McHale claimed it was Steve Janke who made the defamatory ... mistake... on his site Angry in the great white north (aka Stephen Taylor of the blogging tories).

cwuc and Angry both post news and speculation that is outdated, and follow up news is not reported if it does not confirm their earlier speculation.

These websites seem to reflect support in the business community for enforcement of one-sided injunctions for removal of Haudenosaunee or anyone else reclaiming land. This is a narrow interpretation of the rule of law in Canada:

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Ipperwash Revisited/Caledonia

At the Ipperwash Inquiry, Charles Harnick, Attorney General in Haris' cabinet, attended a meeting with Harris and senior OPP officers where he heard Harris yell "I want the f***ing Indians out of the park."
Harris lied and said 'I d-d-don't recall' using that word ar saying any words to that effect".
I watched a tape of Mike Harris' testimony at the Ipperwash Inquiry. When uttering his infamous lie, he stuttered, and his eyes shifted constantly, and away at the end. I thought he was lying, but I'm biased. Harris also said that Harnick had no reason to lie.

"The head of the OPP at the time of the killing, Thomas O'Grady, testified he now accepts the natives were unarmed that night.
The original OPP news release described how officers returned fire from the natives."

[But that was a lie. A bus backfired and it frightened the OPP and they opened fire on the bus, driven by a 14 year old, and with a younger child who had been sleeping there. Above all, this is an indictment of the OPP tactical squad girlie-boys ... trying to kill a bus that scared them ... really! For heaven's sake, send in the women who have some courage and intelligence!]

"If one of us had a single-shot .22 there would have been at least one dead cop that night, but we ... didn't ... have ... any," Judas George says.
[and that is the unadorned truth]

Indigenous land claims activists have learned a lesson from Canada: If they have guns, they will be killed. Even if the police THINK they MIGHT have guns, they will be killed.

At Oka/Kahnewake, both police and warriors had guns. The police also had tear gas. Unfortunately, they threw it upwind and it came back on them and debilitated them too. In the ensuing melee, an officer was killed. To this day no one officially acknowledges whether he was killed by aboriginal or police fire, which means it was police fire: If there was ANY way they could pin it on the aboriginals, even because of lack of evidence to the contrary, they would have, which is pretty indicative that they know it was their own bullet.

There are no guns among the Haudenosaunee/Six Nations. Why invite Canada to massacre them? That's not their goal. Their goal is to live peacefully on land deeded to them, with their own governance structures, in partnership with Canada, but not as Canadian 'subjects'. They were autonomous for thousands of years, and see no benefit in being Canadian. Canada is their abuser and oppressor.

I believe the OPP are now thoroughly debilitated in dealing with aboriginal land claims' issues. They just want to chase Indians/criminals, and they are not competent to police peaceful protests, aboriginal or otherwise. They aren't up to the strain and inaction, and they consistently escalate to violence because of impatience to end in order to end matters with a bang. [Update July: Gwen Boniface is really p**sing them off by making them keep the peace instead of disturbing it.]

The RCMP are no better. The Canadian army, now amassing in Lake Erie, at least has peacekeeping experience. However, I doubt that's why Harper has them on standby. Like police, government is hoping the aboriginals will do something wrong to justify a massacre or mass jailing. What on earth are they thinking? Then what after that? Deport them?

Friday, June 30, 2006

Support Six Nations

I browse the blogs for Six Nations comments, and I've found a LOT of frightening misinformation out there. These may be young kids, I don't know. However, I've decided that it's important to address misinformation wherever it occurs, respectfully, with better information.

ComplacentNation blogger:

I see why you don't allow comments. There are too many dangerously distorted facts in your writing, though you have a good wit at times! These are not your shining moments though:

"only Indians can point firearms at other people and get away with it"
"only aboriginal Indians are above the law and allowed to point firearms at other people in Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario."

- THERE ARE NO GUNS among the Haudenosaunee/Six Nations at the land reclamation site outside Caledonia. Ask the police.
That's the rule at the site (and no alcohol or drugs allowed either, and no children at night.)
None. nada. period.
You lie, and it's very offensive.
If they had guns, the police would have killed them by now. Dudley George didn't have a gun, but they killed him anyway.

"innocent citizens were being assaulted and intimidated by mask wearing aboriginals."

- No citizen was assaulted who didn't assault first. Those who were intimidated were not innocent.

"7. Canada is guilty of the attempted genocide of Indigenous peoples;
This is a massive, steaming pant load! If Canada wanted to kill Indians, they would have been dead years ago. Instead, politicians have foolishly done everything possible to "help" Indians while Indians are doing their best to kill themselves with booze, drugs, solvents and lifestyle. No guilt here!"

I can understand your knowledge depends on your personal experience, apparently limited as yet. History is important here.
Canada couldn't exactly just 'kill Indians' openly without Canadians getting upset. Canada has done it by trying to break their spirit ... and by killing them too. From 1986, back 150 years to the 1830's, Canada sent aboriginal children to abusive residential schools. If they escaped, they couldn't go home, or they'd be caught and sent back to the school. Canada mandated, funded and supervised the schools, and abandoned the children to the city streets if they escaped alive. Families were dispersed, traditional ways were all but lost. Canada has always tried to deceive and oppress aboriginal people, and it continues. The Haudenosaunee/Six Nations want Canada to honour its original legal agreemments with them: land or proper compensation and self governance. Then we can continue to enjoy each other's company in this land.

Aboriginal rights and titles are protected by the Constitution of Canada.
The Supreme Court of Canada protects their right to peaceful occupation of lands claimed, but not processed, especially when the land is a burial ground.
The OPP now knows that they are not there to chase Indians, but to protect aboriginals from the hateful thugs in Caledonia. The decent people of Caledonia are now quietly supporting the Haudenosaunee.

It's not about guilt. It's about Canada honouring its legal agreements. Now.


Monday, June 26, 2006

Support Six Nations

June 28
... a passing thought on a tv show about the kkk - The person interviewed, a 'recruiter' apparently, said "you get young ones ... with a lot of ... energy, who want to solve aaaall the world's problems ...quickly."

The racial slurs and other hateful language from the Caledonia front line has been more emotional than skilled, not well informed and not very civil. This is changing somewhat now as more Caledonians and Canadians are supporting civil language and thinking and action ... finally. The churches took the lead. Bless ordinary Canadians.
Canada's violence against First Nations with legitimate land and governance claims must end.
Canada must stop acting as judge and jury in claims against itself.
Canada must stop denigrating legitimate land and governance claims by escalating violence to criminalize people asserting their legal rights.


I know the OPP still have to 'keep the peace' in Caledonia because there are people there who threaten to attack the Haudenosaunee and need to be restrained. There is a bit of justice in that.

Every generation has hoped to 'solve the problem' of the Indigenous people of Canada. They were here first. The participatory democracy of the Haudenosaunee/Six Nations evolved over thousands of years. Britain and then Canada had agreements with Six Nations about lands and self governance (1784), and then Canada tried to assimilate them by violent oppression of their traditional ways of spirituality and governance (1924, 1959), by child abuse and abandonment, and by family dispersal. For over 150 years Canada mandated, funded and supervised the abuse of aboriginal children. It's not a pretty story, but it's one all Canadians must understand. It explains why we, through the Supreme Court of Canada, now insist that the police not treat people involved in land claims occupations as common criminals. Fortunately in Caledonia, after the OPP attacked violently, the Clan Mothers and people of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy took action. Hundreds of people came out of the bush and the Clan Mothers and women linked arms, followed by the entire community, and simply walked the OPP off the land. Amazing! Now THAT'S peaceful resistance with class!!
They reminded OPP and Canada that this was no simple matter, and civility must be observed. This is what the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled. This is the law.

First Nations people didn't choose to be Canadians. The agreements were for lands and sovereignty. Aboriginal title and rights are protected by the Constitution of Canada (1982). This is now the law. Before that, Canada tried to force them to be Canadians by reducing their lands to postage stamps that didn't support their traditional ways (1784 to present... They have lost more land since 1950 than before), by outlawing their traditional democracy and spirituality, stealing the treaty wampum belts, and arresting chiefs at gunpoint (1924). In 1959, the RCMP again removed the chiefs from the Council House at Six Nations by violent force. From the1830's to 1986 in Canada, indigenous children from reserves were sent to abusive residential schools to be robbed of their culture and language and spirit. These settlements and court cases are happening now. This is not ancient history. These are the elders and leaders of today's First Nations.

And they are some po'd at the damage Canada has done to their lands, governance and their spirit. They are also peaceful people by choice, and very determined to incorporate their traditional ways into their lives, through self governance and by reclaiming their land. The Haudenosaunee people of Six Nations are at peace BECAUSE they are reclaiming the graveyard of ancestors, and BECAUSE they are holding Canada to its agreements. They do not instigate violence. They do ably defend themselves from attack or invasion.

The police and some rather unruly and liquor-fuelled residents have done both. Now, however, the police mostly try to keep the local yokels out of trouble. If they'd stop instigating, there wouldn't be a problem. However, some people in Caledonia are VERY insistent that the land not be returned to the Haudenosaunee, for reasons they say have to do with the 'rule of law' and "[insert racial slur here]" - but have more to do with fear and ignorance than law.

Canada is just now beginning to acknowledge the law of the historical agreements made with First Nations, but too slowly to save some graveyards from desecration. Upholding the law in land claims issues means listening and learning because their claims are valid. They don't put themsleves at risk for fun.
... the time of the colonization of North America, the European population laboured under despotic monarchies, lived in squalor, and their city streets were filled with beggars. The first North American Natives to visit Europe were appalled by the comparative barbarism of European culture.


We murdered, abused and had an almost successful genocide.

After all we were building paradise.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Six Nations Reclamation at Caledonia - Negotiations Update
(followed by my comments, of course):

News Release

For Immediate Release
June 22, 2006
TORONTO – The Haudenosaunee/Six Nations-Canada-Ontario Main Negotiation Table
has continued its progress towards a peaceful resolution of outstanding issues among
the parties with meetings held on June 21 and 22, 2006.
Confirming what has already been taking place, all parties agreed to conduct
negotiations based on principles of Mutual Respect, Peace and Friendship.
All parties have agreed to a basic framework for an implementation strategy, including
work on relationships among the parties, land issues, and addressing local tensions.
Discussions are underway to meet some of the specific requests of the
Haudenosaunee/Six Nations including the repair of an arena floor used by the
Haudenosaunee/Six Nations.
Where necessary, specialized working groups will be established to deal with other
related issues that are agreed to by the parties.
Ongoing discussions will continue among the parties at the Main Negotiation Table with
the next planned meeting for June 29, 2006.
- 30 -
For further information:
April Powless
Haudenosaunee/Six Nations Media
(519) 717-3921
Ian Sadinsky
Advisor to the Federal Representative
(613) 232-7818 or
(613) 727-0903
Lars Eedy
Ontario Secretariat for Aboriginal Affairs
(416) 326-4759
Disponible en français

It appears that all concerned are satisfied with the progress to date. That's good enough for me.
I hope the arena gets fixed. For those who don't know, Six Nations Minor Lacrosse League had to relocate from Caledonia arena due to threats to "prevent" kids and parents from entering the arena for a tournament. Too bad the businesses supported by the Caledonia Citizens' Alliance lost the business from the tournament that day. Too bad they've lost 50% of their business that used to come from Six Nations' 22,000 Haudenosaunee who used to shop there. Oh well, the businesses are being compensated. Of the first half million from Ontario, only $85,000 could be distributed by the time Ontario announced another million for residents and businesses.
The Haudenosaunee can't shop in Caledonia any more without racist attacks.

Caledonia spans the Grand River, and is completely within the Haldimand Deed, now being negotiated with the Federal government. It appears that many of the people of Caledonia will not accept legitimacy of any land claims by the Haudenosaunee (Hau-den'-o-show''-nee) Confederacy. By international rules, graveyards like the one believed to be at Kanenhstaton ("the protected place", aka Douglas Creek Estates sprawl development) are to be returned if at all possible. Due to the efforts of Janie Jamieson in motivating and organizing the reclamation, some of Kanenhstaton will be protected from buildings, but not from sewers, hydro, etc. already installed. An archeological dig is now in progress as part of the negotiations. An indigenous graveyard in Manitoba has a major road through it now, that issometimes respectfully closed for ceremonial use, and not further developed once the government finally listened and looked! The Wendat formerly of 'Huronia' managed to purchase a burial ground in the centre of a man's property by paying enough to convince him. Several thousand of them, though dispersed, sometimes gather for ceremony.

Indigenous people of Canada are very knowledgeable and very respectful about their history and their responsibilities to the seven generations before and the seven generations to come. They are very determined to peacefully (if possible) regain some traditional lands, be properly compensated for others, and once again have autonomy of governance and spirituality (which are not separate). These are the common goals for Indigenous people throughout the world. They now work toward this together, aware of law and precedents and in constant communication with each other, formal and informal.

The issues in Caledonia itself - fear and ignorance inspiring racism - will no doubt appear elsewhere as well. People have deep seated feelings that may well go back generations and generations. Others believe their own lies about 'government handouts' and special status for aboriginals. They fail to recognize that we have only just begun paying the cost of the mortgage on Canada! I am pleased that so far, the government of Canada shows every intention of settling land claims like Toronto (already done ... except the money) and the Haldimand Deed (now in progress with the Haudenosaunee). The government of Ontario stepped up to the plate and purchased the sacred land from the developer. Now Canada and Ontario are going to duke it out about who pays and who returns the land. No doubt Canada is concerned about this precedent: Currently Canada holds itself responsible only for return of lands that belong to the government. A precedent for purchasing the land may not sit well with Harper, who has been mercifully silent to date. However, it appears that it will be returned. The militant townspeople, though, insist that the government NOT give it back. Oh well. They'll be educated somewhere along the line, but no one has tried yet. No one has even tried telling them racist taunts and threats aren't acceptable. After all, the Mayor does it too!

June 29 is the next date for negotiations. June 29 is an interesting date: It's the date that the Manitoba First Nations are blockading railways for 24 hours to educate Canadians about how much of our resources "go south" each and every day, and how much of our economy depends on selling the contents of traditional Indigenous lands.

My suggestion? Give them back the reclamation site, and develop a partnership for an education centre for all Ontarians (if this is feasible on the site, or at another site) - a visitors' centre, adult interest courses in aboriginal history and language and traditions and connections to the land, curriculum development and products for public education, and cultural information for teachers, distribution of cultural products to promote young artists - arts, music, etc. etc. be continued, of course.


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Colonialism and Canada

Colonialism: The control of one nation by “transplanted” people of another nation—often a geographically distant nation that has a different culture and dominant racial or ethnic group. (See ethnicity.)

‡ A classic example of colonialism is the control of India by Britain from the eighteenth century to 1947. (similar to Canada’s colonization of Indigenous lands.)

‡ Control that is economic and cultural, rather than political, is often called neocolonialism. [similar to US control of Canada.]

Britain colonized India for 200 years, and was finally rejected as the ruling power when Ghandi organized a peoples’ revolt that shut down manufacturing and shipping, and the economy.

Now perhaps it’s time for Canada’s 200 year comeuppance. Indigenous protests are NOT just local irritants to be quickly stomped out by police. This is ONE powerful movement of indigenous people across Canada and around the world to reclaim their land and their traditional governance which were taken away during the colonial era throughout the world.

Canadians would like to think that indigenous people of Canada simply have to accept the situation – “it’s over, it’s history, move on!” However, it is definitely not “over” for them. They continue to suffer the consequences of Canada’s genocidal policies.

Canada no longer has the ‘bully’ tools it has traditionally used to ‘keep the natives quiet’. International Laws now prevent that, along with growing Canadian public opinion that sees no need for violence against people asserting their legal rights in the face of government indifference, ignorance, and violence.

x Canada can no longer oppress their traditional spiritual leadership and practices.

x Canada can no longer break up their governing council meetings at gunpoint.

x Canada can no longer steal and hide the treaties they signed but didn’t intend to honour.

x Canada can no longer kidnap Indigenous children and send them to abusive schools in attempts to break their spirit.

x The United Nation’s Permanent Indigenous Forum and Human Rights Committee now give international voice to Indigenous struggles against oppressors throughout the world.

x The internet allows indigenous people to quickly rally anywhere in the world to support each other.

x Canada must be wary of the UN shaming Canada’s behaviour in not settling land claims promptly.

x UN observers can be sent in to embarrass Canada

x International laws can overturn Canada’s decisions on land claims.

x Canada has no traditional means of oppressing the growing strength and solidarity of Indigenous people here in Canada and around the world.

What CAN Canada do now?

Canada is now limited to shady, behind the scenes covert psychological aggression against Indigenous people. Canada can:

Harness the mainstream media to ensure that all instigation and violence is blamed on the Indigenous protestors.

Ö The mainstream media is to be congratulated for their consistency in biased reporting that furthers Canada’s coverup of theft of Indigenous land and property and liberty and life itself.

Encourage liquor and hate-fuelled Canadians to denigrate the Indigenous people without consequence.

Ö The citizens of Caledonia can take heart that racists are free to promote hatred on the streets of Caledonia

Publicize and track EVERY charge laid against any Indigenous person, but DO NOT publish the names of white people arrested and charged, and don’t even mention the violence they instigate.

Ö The racists and anti-police protestors of Caledonia can take heart that they can spew filth and even assault police without consequences!

Allow Canadian school children to racially taunt and denigrate their Indigenous schoolmates.

Ö The citizens of Caledonia and Canada can take heart that their children are free to racially insult and harass Indigenous children on the streets, playgrounds and in the schools, because that’s the example adults have set for them, and no one is taking the adults to task for it!

Compensate businesses who lose Indigenous business due to rampant racism in the streets and in their stores.

Ö The merchants of Caledonia can take heart that they are free of those nasty Indigenous customers. So what if it’s half of their business – the government will pay instead!!

Compensate homeowners who have irrational fears because “We hear the drumming and chanting and it gives us chills.”

Ö The homeowners can take heart because when that nasty “drumming and chanting” starts, they can call their MPP for money to compensate for this horrible abuse (OR they could go to the council fire and enjoy it as many of us do).

Insist on decorum among the Indigenous people even though it can’t be achieved by Canadians – i.e., demand that they be ‘better’ than us, while treating them like criminals, and refuse to give them back their land until they behave.

Ö The government can take heart because, as in the past, the Indigenous people always take the high road and behave better than their abusers. This is not because of fear: It is simply because they have bigger and better goals than Canada has.

Fight against the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Rights

Ö The government can take heart that they can still partner with the United States to fight human rights! After all (harrumph!) we already give them good government! (harrumph!) They can’t govern themselves! (harrumph!) We are saving them from themselves! (harrumph!) Besides, we have to protect OUR natural resources from their land claims! (harumph!) We’d be the best country in the world if the natives didn’t keep dragging down our ratings! (harrumph!). (Update: The UN passed it anyway!!)

Other strategies include ... let racist bullies rule the streets.

Of course, Canada may soon be forced to recognize that our patriarchal notions of what is ‘best’ for them are not consistent with what they know to be best for themselves. Self government is the best single factor in reducing aboriginal youth suicide. Pride and dignity and community stolen, requires pride and dignity and community returned, through return/compensation for lands and self governance. The United Nations knows this. Canada needs to learn this ... quickly.


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