Monday, October 23, 2006

"Bring in the army" = "We want war"

Note: At the CCA meeting the other night, the words "Bring in the army" were shouted more than once, to some agreement in the room. The following is intended as a look at the practical aspects of that. Yes, we are joking ... and we assume those jokers at the meeting were too, eh?

Bringing in the army means ... we want war ... right?

Bringing the army in will not give you your lives back.
Instead, it will disrupt the lives of many more people and the entire country for a very long time to come.

Misinformed ranting
By *******, Six Nations
The Hamilton Spectator
(Oct 19, 2006)
Re: 'Army should march into Caledonia -- and stay' (Letter, Oct. 17)

Shame on The Spectator for giving voice to this type of threat against the Haudenosaunee people of Six Nations. This racist suggestion is nothing more than the misinformed and angry ranting of someone who needs a history lesson.

We're angry, not racist By Becki Sewell, Caledonia The Hamilton Spectator
(Oct 23, 2006) Re: 'Misinformed ranting' (Letter, Oct. 19) Shame on those who are holding my town hostage. Even if they have legitimate land claims, they do not have the right to hold a town hostage. Just because the people of Caledonia are angry as hell doesn't mean we are racist. This is not misinformed ranting, nor do we need a history lesson. We get the history. Bad and unfair things happened. This still does not give the native occupiers the right to ruin our lives. We are law-abiding, taxpaying citizens. Of course we want the army to come in. When a group of people living among us claim to be above the law and not Canadian, there is cause for concern, no matter who they are.We want our lives back. The Haundenosaunee people of Six Nations are more than welcome to live as our neighbours, as soon as they realize their rights are not more important than ours.

“Of course we want the army to come in.” “ We want our lives back.”

Well, Becky, if the army comes in - I assume you mean to remove the Six Nations people from the site? - If that happens you won’t have your lives back … EVER! Because they will defend themselves and their land.

That will be the beginning of a war between Canada and Indigenous people all across the land, because there are injustices to many or all of them. That’s a million people, at war with Canada … within the country … and no doubt reinforcements from Indigenous people in other countries as well as the same land and sovereignty injustices have occurred in every colonial country.

Interesting … Canada never fought a war against Indigenous people historically. They were our allies. If you read your history, you will learn that the Mohawk warriors of Grand River … yes the same … were the ones who made sure we had a country named Canada, by defeating the Americans in the war of 1812. They were granted the Haldimand Tract as valuable allies of the Crown and Canada. However, along the way, Canada did not uphold its part of the agreement, so now we are faced with an issue of injustice against Six Nations and illegal behaviour by Canada.

If we address this issue of injustice against the Six Nations people by defending Canada’s illegal acts … what kind of country are we? Certainly not one that deserves our good international reputation. We will be a country at war in our own land … that’s what that will accomplish.

If we address the injustice against Six Nations and defend Canada’s illegal acts by bringing the army in to remove them … Caledonia will become a war zone. All residents will have to be removed before the shooting starts. Houses will have to be razed all around the perimeter of Kanonhstaton. People will be killed on both sides.

Bringing the army in will not give you your lives back. Instead, it will disrupt the lives of many more people and the entire country for a very long time to come.

All the people who came to Canada to avoid strife in their homelands … may as well go home because this will be geurilla warfare … everywhere … no place in Canada will be safe.

Do you understand now why the government negotiators say that patience and negotiations are the only possible solution?

Because that is the only solution that Canadians will accept. REMOVING THEM BY FORCE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO THE MAJORITY OF CANADIANS. Sorry for your inconveniences. Can’t accept the neighbours? Maybe a move is in order. Hysteria is not a solution. That's a health problem, not a military problem. Funding problem? Class action ... Sue the government.

And if you have difficulty believing that this will escalate to war across the country ... read this. We are on the brink. Canada's illegal acts are the problem. Canada must uphold the honour of the Crown.

Manitoba Chief
"So I ask the question, are the people tired? Are you tired of watching hundreds of billions of dollars of resource wealth paid to the governments of Canada, while you, the original owners are denied a share of your own wealth. Are you tired of the housing problems, the lack of education opportunities, the denial of health coverage, the injustice, the brutality, are you tired of being the poorest of the poor in Canada. Are you tired of watching immigrants to our lands taking our resource wealth, while at the same time they call you down for not paying taxes to their government?"


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