Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ultimatums? Deadlines? Use of force?
Federal government gives a clear answer

Quotes from the Sachem:

"the federal government has no intention of ever using force to remove protesters"

When asked by an audience member that if it¹s proven the natives don¹t own the land, at what point will the government step in to remove them, Doering responded by saying,

"never, it's the federal government's position not to use force."

Doering also explained to the crowd that native treaty rights are enshrined in the Canadian Constitution. That's the reason Canada can't eliminate the indian reserve system, cut off their financial support or promote assimilation as one resident inquired.


Othodox Indigenous people of the Confederacy seek proper restitution of lands and monies owing, and to be self-sustaining on their land, without further interference from Canada. Negotiations deserve the support of everyone. It appears they are coming close to establishing the title of Douglas Creek, and that will be a watershed. In the absence of any government proof of valid surrender or sale, Six Nations presents its evidence this week, Nov.3.


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