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Colonialism and Canada:

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Colonialism: The control of one nation by “transplanted” people of another nation—often a geographically distant nation that has a different culture and dominant racial or ethnic group. (See ethnicity.)

‡ A classic example of colonialism is the control of India by Britain from the eighteenth century to 1947. (similar to Britain/Canada’s colonization of Indigenous lands.)

‡ Control that is economic and cultural, rather than political, is often called neocolonialism. [similar to US control of Canada.]

Britain colonized India for 200 years, and was finally rejected as the ruling power when Ghandi organized a non-violent peoples’ revolt that shut down manufacturing and shipping
... and the economy.
Now perhaps it’s time for Canada’s 200 year comeuppance?

Six Nations and other Indigenous protests are NOT just local irritants to be quickly stomped out by police. This is ONE powerful movement of indigenous people across Canada and around the world to reclaim their land and their traditional governance which were encroached or assumed (e.g., 'Crown' land) during the colonial era throughout the world.

Canadians would like to think that indigenous people of Canada simply have to accept the situation – “it’s over, it’s history, move on!” However, it is definitely not “over” for them. They continue to suffer the consequences of Canada’s genocidal policies and practices.

Traditional Indigenous people despair of Canada's ability to look after the land sustainably and because of their inherent responsibilities for the land and Canada's unpaid debts and disrespect:

They are asserting aboriginal rights as caretakers of the land.

Canada has unpaid debts in money, land, honour, respect.

I am Canadian and I am appalled by what I see, and I want Canada to step up to the plate honourably.

Canada no longer has the ‘bully’ tools it has traditionally used to ‘keep the natives quiet’. International Laws now prevent that, along with growing Canadian public opinion that sees no need for violence against people asserting their legal rights in the face of government indifference, ignorance, and violence.

x Canada can no longer oppress their traditional spiritual leadership and practices.

x Canada can no longer break up their governing council meetings at gunpoint.

x Canada can no longer steal and hide the treaties they signed but didn’t intend to honour.

x Canada can no longer kidnap Indigenous children and send them to abusive schools in attempts to break their spirit.

x The United Nation’s Permanent Indigenous Forum and Human Rights Committee now give international voice to Indigenous struggles against oppressors throughout the world.

x The internet allows indigenous people to quickly rally anywhere in the world to support each other.

x Canada must be wary of the UN shaming Canada’s behaviour in not settling land claims promptly.

x UN observers can be sent in to embarrass Canada

x International laws can overturn Canada’s decisions on land claims.

x Canada has no traditional means of oppressing the growing strength and solidarity of Indigenous people here in Canada and around the world.

What CAN Canada do now?

Canada is now limited to shady, behind the scenes covert psychological aggression against Indigenous people. Canada can:

Harness the mainstream media to ensure that all instigation and violence is blamed on the Indigenous protestors.

Ö The mainstream media is to be congratulated for their consistency in biased reporting that furthers Canada’s coverup of theft of Indigenous land and property and liberty and life itself.

Encourage liquor and hate-fuelled Canadians to denigrate the Indigenous people without consequence.

Ö The citizens of Caledonia can take heart that racists are free to promote hatred on the streets of Caledonia

Publicize and track EVERY charge laid against any Indigenous person, but DO NOT publish the names of white people arrested and charged, and don’t even mention the violence they instigate.

Ö The racists and anti-police protestors of Caledonia can take heart that they can spew filth and even assault police without consequences!

Allow Canadian school children to racially taunt and denigrate their Indigenous schoolmates.

Ö The citizens of Caledonia and Canada can take heart that their children are free to racially insult and harass Indigenous children on the streets, playgrounds and in the schools, because that’s the example adults have set for them, and no one is taking the adults to task for it!

Compensate businesses who lose Indigenous business due to rampant racism in the streets and in their stores.

Ö The merchants of Caledonia can take heart that they are free of those nasty Indigenous customers. So what if it’s half of their business – the government will pay instead!!

Compensate homeowners who have irrational fears because “We hear the drumming and chanting and it gives us chills.”

Ö The homeowners can take heart because when that nasty “drumming and chanting” starts, they can call their MPP for money to compensate for this horrible abuse (OR they could go to the council fire and enjoy it as many of us do).

Insist on decorum among the Indigenous people even though it can’t be achieved by Canadians – i.e., demand that they be ‘better’ than us, while treating them like criminals, and refuse to give them back their land until they behave.

Ö The government can take heart because, as in the past, the Indigenous people always take the high road and behave better than their abusers. This is not because of fear: It is simply because they have bigger and better goals than Canada has.

Fight against the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Rights

Ö The government can take heart that they can still partner with the United States to fight human rights! After all (harrumph!) we already give them good government! (harrumph!) They can’t govern themselves! (harrumph!) We are saving them from themselves! (harrumph!) Besides, we have to protect OUR natural resources from their land claims! (harumph!) We’d be the best country in the world if the natives didn’t keep dragging down our ratings! (harrumph!). (Update: The UN passed it anyway!!)

Other strategies include ... let bullies rule the streets ... harass and suppress the Canadian supporters of Six Nations.

Of course, Canada may soon be forced to recognize that our patriarchal notions of what is ‘best’ for them are not consistent with what they know to be best for themselves. Self government is the best single factor in reducing aboriginal youth suicide. Pride and dignity and community stolen, requires pride and dignity and community returned, through return of and compensation for lands, and self determination.

The United Nations knows this. Canada needs to do this ... quickly.


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