Monday, October 30, 2006

Caledonia Hype

"The occupation has turned violent on several occasions after non-aborginal residents confronted police who wouldn't allow them near the site."

"The commissioner said he was concerned that some in Caledonia want to "hype up" the tensions."

It appears to me that even in his first day in office, Julian Fantino has a good grasp of the situation in Caledonia. He is aware that in the last few months, the violence has come from Caledonia, not Six Nations. He is aware that there are people in Caledonia, politicians among them, who prefer to keep the tensions high. I won't speculate on their reasons, but I will say that it is immoral of people to disturb and manipulate the emotions of vulnerable residents in order to create the perception that Caledonia is 'under seige'. People are only under seige in their own minds, and politicians should calm them rather than feeding their misplaced anxieties.

Is Fantino aware that Six Nations supporters are accosted, harassed and assaulted in the street while police look on and refuse to lay charges? That depends whether he has read my email to him yet. The Inspector has not responded to my request for review of the case, so further measures will be necessary.

Caledonia has tried to lay all the blame on Six Nations. Even provincial politicians have been taken in by this. Perhaps Gwen Boniface was reluctant to address the real problem. It is very reassuring to know Fantino seems to see where the problems really lie, and it is reassuring to know that in the future, charges will be laid against Caledonia residents who accost, harass and assault Six Nations supporters.

It is time for residents of Caledonia to learn that they are not above the law.


Anonymous EvilSupahFly said...

Given the obvious high level of intelligence you exude, I would think that Fantino would have to respond, given that it should be apparent from reading that it's not just some idle mouth spouting crap.

Honestly, I'm surprised that he hasn't responded yet!

3:24 PM  
Blogger Neo Conservative said...

This is all spin, no substance...

What the mainstream media conveniently chooses to ignore is that Commissioner Fantino's mandate is to enforce the law of the land, not babysit the latest poster children of the lunatic left.

The real issue is the utter lack of competence, not to mention testosterone, of the McGuinty Liberals.

3:52 PM  
Blogger ON said...

neo c

What "law of the land" are you referring to? There is a stay on the court order. They are there legally.

For the last four months the lawless behaviour has been from Caledonia, as Fantino seems to recognize.

And where's your buddy Harper? Hiding behind the OPP he is ... perhaps lacking in some of that ...?

6:04 PM  
Blogger ON said...

dear elvisupchuck

well then you will be happy to know that he did. :)

12:37 AM  

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