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I am confused. I worked in education for 25 years before retiring. Kids are taught that racism is not acceptable in Canada. I believed that too.

Now I am not so certain what Canada is about anymore because it appears that racism is acceptable in Canada ... but only against Indigenous people.

In fact, it appears that our government not only ignores but condones, incites and sustains racism against Indigenous people ... systematically ... purposely ... intentionally ... "on your behalf", they would likely say.

An example and an analogy:

Union and employer negotiators reach agreement on a tentative settlement ... an offer that will be taken to the union members for ratification. There is a public announcement of a tentative agreement but the contents of the offer are not made public until after it is ratified by the membership, and the public is repeatedly reminded that it is not a settlement yet. The media know that ... our governments know that ... the negotiators signatures only means that they agree to take it to the membership for consideration of acceptance or rejection. It's not an agreement until the membership says its an agreement.

First Nation and Canadian government negotiators reach agreement on a tentative settlement. Then the Minister of Indian affairs calls a press conference to make a big public splash, holds a big public treaty signing ceremony, lauding this 'historical', 'precedent-setting' and all round marvellous 'treaty', the contents of which are entirely divulged to the press and the public. It's an agreement when the government says it's an agreement.

Then ... the First Nations people diligently begin to consider the pros and cons of the offer and state their opinions on various elements as they move toward acceptance or rejection ... agreement to ratify or not to ratify

... and then the media say things like this:

Hard work, vision got treaty done
November 9, 2006
------ ------ Citizen

It never fails. The ink was barely dry on the historic ---- First Nation land settlement treaty when the sideline critics began to complain. First, the ---- Nation claimed the ---- treaty was flawed due to a claim overlap. ---- Chief ---- said much of ---- treaty settlement is on ---- land. ...

... and then Canadians say things like this ...

"What's the point? A few years down the road they will start blocking roads and claiming that those who negotiated this deal didn't have any right to make such decisions and therefore it's null and void."

... and the government can take credit for the fact that racism against Indigenous people in Canada is off and running again ... sustained ... for another generation.

... and the government pats itself on the back and says to itself ...

"HeHeHe ... our strategy worked again ... those Indians never learn, eh?
HeHeHe ... we tricked them ... again! HeHeHe!"

See the trap that ordinary Canadians fall into? It is the trap of believing our government ... the trap of believing that 'our government wouldn't promote racism, so this must not be racism ... it must be legitimate complaints'.
It is not.
It is intentional systemic racism promoted and sustained by Canadian governments.

Canadian governments intentionally sustain racism against Indigenous peoples of Canada by using selective, 'slick' negotiating and publicity tactics to convince Canadians that Indigenous people are 'unreasonable' ... 'can't be satisfied' ... 'can't get their act together' ... to convince us, without saying it publicly, that it is ok to be racist 'sometimes'.

It is not ok ... racism is not ok ... Racism is never ok.

I am ashamed of my government.

I am ashamed of my country.

I don't sing the anthem any more, except "Our home ON native land".

I am embarassed that we teach kids to be proud of this Canada.

Canada teaches us only to be 'tolerant and accepting' of visible minorities who came here by choice. The ones who were already here ... who, according to International Law hold valid title to this land ... the land we call 'our land' ... have been and still are mistreated horribly, continually, subtly, insidiously. Systemic racism in this land is older than Canada, and is also as new as today ... and tomorrow.

But ... I AM CANADIAN TOO! and I do not accept our governments' unfair and inhumane treatment of Canada's Indigenous people.

Fair and humane treatment of the Indigenous people of Canada remains a goal ... a dream ... but the current situation is a nightmare ... a nightmare of our own making ... because we sustain the governments that carry out this campaign of racism and hatred ... on our behalf. Canada is generally ranked by the UN as one of the best places in the world to live overall … except for Indigenous people ... they enjoy the quality of life of 63rd place on the list.

Yes, 'Virginia', the governments of Canada DO sustain racism against the Indigenous people of Canada. You bet they do!!

And so do we all when we believe our governments and we follow their example.

Tis the season ... Share the love ...

Tough love for Canada!

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