Wednesday, November 01, 2006

How do we end the dispute?

Ontario stepped up to the plate when Ottawa wouldn’t.
Ottawa still won’t.
Ontario may be stuck with the costs to date.
However, that is not an issue for the people of Six Nations or
Caledonia since either way, the taxpayers pay!

What is needed at this time is for the federal government to step in to the negotiations and determine the title for the DCE property, which means settling the claim for the
Plank Road claim. Once ownership of the property is determined, there should be no need for the increased police presence in Caledonia.

In fact, I would suggest that they have already outlied their usefulness. As a taxpayer, I would like to see all of the extra police presence removed from Caledonia. It simply isn’t necessary! It is extremely expensive, and it just increase the optics for Caledonia of living in a ‘police state’. There have been no incursions into the DCE lately, no gatherings of Caledonia residents to harass Six Nations, etc. I see absolutely no reason for this massive police presence and the cost to taxpayers.

In any case, since it is clear that resolving the land claim dispute is within grasp, and is a federal responsibility, any stalling on the part of the federal government from this point on should certainly mean that they assume the entire cost from now on.

Harper should do the job he was elected to do:
Land claims are a federal responsibility.

Settlement of this land claim is LONG overdue. 26 years is long enough for Six Nations and Caledonia residents to wait for a decision on these lands!
Today, Jim Prentice called it Canada’s oldest land claim”.

Jane Stewart, lead for the Provincial negotiating team, said ‘The claim for the Douglas Creek land … the Plank Road claim … is on the table.’ (or similar)
Did that mean the federal government accepted it as a claim?
Was the federal government supposed to present its evidence on October 20th?
Did they?

Will Six Nations present their evidence this FRIDAY, Nov 3, at a public meeting?

“Federal representative Ron Doering told the crowd that the federal government's position is that we (Canada) own the land according to an 1844 surrender document but also conceded that "we might be wrong." He said government has put the onus on the natives to prove that.”

This suggests that the government simply stands by its documents, and now Six Nations’ presents its evidence.

One interpretation is that the government did not produce the documents as they do not qualify as evidence according to the legal criteria of 1841-44, as required for this process.

OK. I guess that’s all fact. Public meeting … Friday … where … when … who knows

… and why isn’t this meeting posted on the government website?

Because if we are this close, this certainly seems to be the quickest way to end the dispute ... for this land.

Jane Stewart previously said that "Ontario stands behind its property deeds ... there will be settlements ... for your properties." Six Nations has said it is not interested in disrupting people's homes and properties.

So ... Ontario's property owners can relax ... and for heaven's sake ... !

... stand behind the federal negotiations because that is where the solution is!

Maybe it is time to go to Ottawa !??!


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