Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I tried to stop myself but I just can't help it ...
This Ontario taxpayer wants the federal government to reimburse Ontario for the unnecessary trip to Ottawa !!

OK, so PrenticeHarper decided not to show ...
But to not call and let Ramsay know ...? !!

How much did the Ontario taxpayers
pay for that unnecessary trip?
The Minister, the Deputy Minister and the Assistant Deputy Minister and a staff member ... four salaries, four return flights, meals ... hotel? limo?
I think Ottawa should pay those expenses !
It is disgusting behaviour in any business.
On the public dollar, it is scandalous not to cancel properly !!

I think it's time to go to Ottawa ... soon.
Otherwise, Harper will spend taxpayer money stalling and dancing.
That has happened before.
(Note sarcasm.)
This is different.
It is time to settle
the Plank Road Claim,
to end the dispute
in Caledonia.


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